​​​​Fast Growing, Big Market, Great Opportunity (Brochure)

Worldwide Ethernet equipment and services businesses are expected to continue to grow at double digit rate.  Great opportunity exists to participate in this growth.  

Today’s Challenge

Ethernet Services are costly, complex, and inefficient to implement.  Ethernet Services are transported over several expensive and complicated network technologies which introduce several overlay layers of encapsulation and overhead inefficiencies. 

Service Providers are forced to overlay because no one network layer supports all the features they need.  Service Providers use OTN/SDH/SONET for its reliability, circuit control, and fault management.  MPLS for its scalability, and because it is protocol agnostic on both sides of the layer, with convergence to IP and Ethernet this advantage will be eliminated. 

95% of all traffic is Ethernet based.  Service Providers want to migrate to native Ethernet transport network to lower costs and simplify their network but cannot do so because Ethernet is not reliable, scalable, and flexible.

Tomorrow’s Solution

Transport Ethernet enhances standard Ethernet to eliminate overlays, simplify network, and lower costs.  Transport Ethernet solution lowers TCO by 60%-40% of MPLS, VPLS, and MPLS-TP solutions[Network Strategy Partners business case studies]. 

Transport Ethernet Switch innovation takes the best of each overlay layers and converges them into standard Ethernet.  These simple innovations eliminate the need to maintain several layers of costly, complex, and inefficient overlays and technologies. Migrating to native end-to-end Ethernet transport network removes the need for MPLS LSRs, SDH/SONET/OTN XCs, and ADMs products, and use one Transport Ethernet Switch product. 

Transport Ethernet innovations provide flexible multilink circuits, scalable wide area control plane learning, scalable event based SONET level APS Protection and style OAMP Operations for improved reliability and fault management, reuse of SONET technology, groomed connectivity, VLAN registrations, and Multicast pruning, to provide a superior solution compared to existing standard Ethernet PBB(-TE), MPLS(-TP), and SDH/SONET/OTN/P-OTN technologies. 

Value of 40%-60% over current solutions

Transport Ethernet creates Service Provider value by
    Lower TCO
    Simplify network and operations without overlay networks
    Build robust, flexible, scalable end-to-end native Ethernet networks
    Seamless operations and migrations with SONET networks
    One technology platform allows to economize on operational staff and training
    Preserve operational staff investment by reusing SONET concepts and terms
    Use of lower cost, larger pool of Ethernet operational staff

Network Mountaineers

Powering Transport Networks

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