Network Mountaineers

Powering Transport Networks

Transport Ethernet Switch Product (Brochure)


​​Transport Ethernet Innovation

 Simple standard compatible Ethernet extensions

  • Ethernet Circuits forwarding based on <DA,SA>, multiple links for control, manageability, flexibility, efficiency, topology
  • Wide area Control Plane Signaling and Routing for WAN learning, VLAN registration, Multicast pruning, scalability
  • SONET level APS Protection event based for reliability, robustness, linear, mesh, ring topologies
  • SONET style OAMP event based for operations, fault management, performance monitoring, long haul routes, etc.
  • Groomed Internetworking connectivity to current networks
  • Reusing of SONET/OTN and MPLS technology allows seamless operation and migration, preserve equipment and staff investments
  • Convergence of several Network Layers into Etherne​t

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